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Books by Century Cultural Foundation


1 Treasures of Century Museum
B5 size, 150 pages, Color & Monochrome, Japanese version only

A commemorative edition of 102 works of art from Century Museum's collection shown during the special exhibitions held in June-July 1991 to celebrate the completion of the Century Tower in Ochanomizu , Tokyo, (our office had been moved to new address), and the relocation of the museum from its old site in Ushigome-Yaraicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo.

2 Ancient Mirrors – Mystery and Beauty
B5 size, 112 pages, Monochrome, Japanese version only

A catalog of 100 ancient Chinese and Japanese mirrors from the exhibition held at the Century Museum in January through March 1992.

3 Sutra Manuscripts and Buddhist Art
B5 size, 57 pages, Monochrome, Japanese version only

A comprehensive edition of 18 Buddhist ritual objects and 17 hand-copied Buddhist sutras, all shown on the occasion of the Buddhist Art Exhibition held at the Century Museum's old site in Yaraicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo in September through October, 1986.

4 Ancient Calligraphy Masterpieces and Water Droppers
B5 size, 65 pages, onochrome, Japanese version only

A collection of ancient calligraphic masterpieces and a set of water droppers, tools used in India ink-and-brush calligraphy. This edition contains 17 masterpieces of ancient calligraphy and 26 water droppers, all displayed during the exhibition held in November 1986.

5 The Three Master Calligraphists of the Kanei Era (sold out)
B5 size, 43 pages, Monochrome, Japanese version only

A catalog of 22 ancient calligraphic masterpieces rendered by the so-called “Three Master Calligraphists of the Kanei Era" - Konoe Nobutada, Hon-ami Koetsu and Shokado Shozo. Additionally, the works of other famous calligraphers, such as Karasumaru Mitsuhiro and his contemporaries, were displayed in the exhibition held in November 1987.

6 Japanese Paintings
B5 size, 69 pages, Monochrome, Japanese version only

A catalog of 19 Japanese paintings dating from ancient eras to Japan's Kinsei (pre-modern) Ages, which were displayed at the exhibitions held between December 1987 and February 1988.

7 The Sampo-An Collection
B5 size, 83 pages, Monochrome, Japanese version only

This edition contains 46 calligraphic masterpieces from the Muromachi, Momoyama and Edo Periods, which were part of the private collection of Mr. Takeuchi Kiyotsugu. The exhibition was held between November and December 1989.

8 Ancient Chinese Mirrors and Sutra Containers
A4 size, 45 pages, Monochrome, Japanese version only

A selection of 28 ancient Chinese mirrors and 14 Buddhist sutra containers from the rich collections of the Century Cultural Foundation.

9 Richard Long
A4 size, 33 pages

This is a catalog of the Richard Long Exhibition, which was held from April through May 1983. The British artist Richard Long is known for his land art works. The catalog includes 28 exhibited works and some created earlier by the artist.

10 Itsukushima: Guidebook for Itsukushima Shrine
B5 size, 150 pages

A reprint of Dr. Komatsu Shigemi's first book compiled during his assignment to the Hiroshima District Land Transportation Bureau, originally published by the Bureau Press in 1951. It is a record of Dr. Komatsu's exhaustive research into the history and development of Itsukushima Shrine, along with the description of the Heike Nokyo, or the set of hand-copied Buddhist scriptures dedicated by the Heike Clan. This reprint was published by the Century Cultural Foundation in 1995.