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Exhibition Image
Narrative and Illustrated Handscrolls

July 8, 2019 (Mon.) - September 28, 2019 (Sat.)

The significant medium of telling the story

[Main Exhibits]
- Illustrated Tale of Priest Saigyo[exhibit, upper]
- Image of Lady Oborozukiyo[exhibit, lower]
- Segment of Illustrated Legend of Hasedera Temple
- Segment of Illustrated Legend of Kitano Tenjin
- Segment of Illustrated Tale of Prince Shotoku
- Segment of Illustrated Tale of Priest Kukai
- Scene from Hashihime Chapter, Tale of Genji

[Next Scheduled Exhibition]
Buddhist Painting and Sutra
October 7, 2019 (Mon.) - December 21, 2019 (Sat.)
Salvation and prayer for all living things
[Main Exhibits]
- Image of Samantabhadra
- Image of Kujaku Myo-oh
- Issaikyo Sutra Made at the Votive Wish of Empress Komyo
- Lotus Sutra with Lotus Pedestal Characters


Hours 10:00 - 17:00 (Last admission at 16:30)
Closed - Every Sunday
- Year-end / New Year holidays
- Unspecified closures when preparing for upcoming exhibitions
¥500 (¥400 for groups of 20 or more visitors)
[High School and University Students]
¥300 (¥200 for groups of 20 or more visitors)
[Junior High Students and Younger]
Admission free
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The museum is a 5 to 6 minutes walk from Waseda Station (Exit 1) on Tozai Tokyo Metro Line.

*Please be advised no parking is available.