Joint Research


June. 6 - June. 28, 2019
Bookworms/ Bookfiends

KEIO Institute of Oriental Classics will open the special exhibition " Bookworms/ Bookfiends". Click the link below to access the KEIO Institute of Oriental Classics.


The Century Cultural Foundation collects, studies and exhibits cultural assets of linguistic importance from artistic and cultural viewpoints. It sees linguistic activities as the crystallization of human cultural achievements. In order to perpetuate research of our linguistic collections, exhibit them to the public and disseminate knowledge and information, 1,740 pieces of our collection, including books, paintings and other works of art, were consigned to Keio University on February 24, 2009. The University owns the Institute of Oriental Classics, the expansion of the former Shido Library, which is one of the most well-known research bodies affiliated with academic institutions. In the future, the Century Cultural Foundation and the Institute of Oriental Classics will collaborate with each other and conduct joint research to make the best use of the collection.

[Consigned Works of Art and Classic Books]

Books 1,329
Paintings 258
Lacquerware 74
Metal Works 70
Ink Stones 9
Total 1740 pcs